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Friday, 16 November 2012

Episode 3: Improvisation and Indeterminacy

Episode 3: Improvisation and Indeterminacy aired midnight Friday 15 November - available to stream here and download here and here. The great Sun Ra pictured above. This is the music:

Herbie Hancock - Rain Dance
John Cage - Williams Mix
Sun Ra - The Door of the Cosmos
Anthony Pateras - 76755
Duke Ellington - Spacemen
Alice Coltrane - Galaxy Around Oldumare
Alan Lamb - Infinity Machine
Robert Rockwell III - Androids
Oren Ambarchi - As Far As The Eye Can See
Sa Ra Creative Partners - Space Fruit
Christian Wolff - Exercise 15
Sun Ra - Love in Outer Space
Anthony Pateras - Mutant Theatre 1
Miles Davis - Little Church
Supersilent - 6.1
Wadado Leo Smith - Radiant Light Gushing from the Sun
Cornelius Cardew - Material
Ekkehard Ehlers - Cornelius Cardew (ii)
Jon Hassel / Brian Eno - Rising Thermal
Protect and Survive - Casualties
Sun Ra - Disco 3000
The Sun God - Analog Codes
Terry Riley - Music for the Gift 1
Michael Hurley - O My Stars

Thanks for listening. Next week Friday 23 November is Episode 4: Urban Machines, looking at the small electronic boxes, gadgets and computers used by inner city dwellers to create rhythms, bleeps and pulsars to transcend urban reality.

Stay tuned...

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