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Thursday, 13 February 2014

... As Though The Shame Would Outlive Him

Due to the paucity of blogging inspiration all future activity will go to As Though The Shame Would Outlive Him, with Retro Futurism and Dead and Alive existing as archives. Facebook remains too, for what its worth.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Lost in the Stars: Episode 4

The fourth and final episode of Lost in the Stars was broadcast midnight Friday 26 July 2013 and it can be streamed here. Here's what was played:

Walter Huston - Lost In The Stars
Laurie Marhsall: The Disco Spaceship
Closer Musik: Departures (Gregor Schwellenbach Version)
Rytis Mazulis: Twittering Machine
Moritz von Oswald Trio: Blue
Michael Rother: Karussell
Rabih Beaini: Light Within A Light
Kraftwerk: Tanzmusik
Electro Keyboard Orchestra: Mother Of The Future
Sun Ra: UFO (Mike Huckaby Reel-to-Reel edit)
IF: Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass (Alden Tyrell Remix)
Young Smoke: Space Music #3
DJ Rashad: Brighter Days
Model 500: Starlight
Theo Parrish: Space Station
Duplex: Cosmic Dancer
Rick Wade: Night Station
John Heckle: The 4th Dimension
Contra Communem Opinonem: An Emotional Moment With The Sun
Alan R Splet: Space Travel With Changing Choral Textures
Smith N' Hack: Falling Stars
Sylvia Love: Extraterestrial Lover
Roy Ayers: Programmed For Love

Thank you for listening. Going through a major Smith N' Hack phase so will leave with this:

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Lost in the Stars: Episode 3

Episode 3 of Lost in the Stars aired midnight Friday 19 July and can be streamed here. 'Repetition' was the loose theme and the following music was played:

Walter Huston: Lost in the Stars (Theme)
Ivo Malec: Triola ou Symphonie Pour Moi Meme
Mark Fell: Manitutshu Parameter Set 2
Thomas Brinkmann (pictured): Mexico
Crash Course In Science: Flying Turns
Jorg Burger: Wunschmaschinenpark
Erik Satie: Musique d'Ameubleument: Teneture de Cabinet Prefectoral
Laurie Spiegel: Patchwork
Sleeparchive: A Man Dies in the Street 2
Philip Glass: Music in Twelve Parts - Part 1
Suicide: Ghost Rider
DJ Kaos: Kosmischer Ruckenwind (Quiet Village Remix)
Terry Riley: A Rainbow in Curved Air (excerpt)
Prince Jammy: Crosstalk
Robert Hood: Minus
0: Twin Bleeps
Dimi Angelis and Jeroen Search: Omnia
Oneohtrix Point Never: Nobody Here
The Field: Silent
The Caretaker: Persistent Repetition of Phrases

Thanks for listening. Next week is the final episode of Lost in the Stars, so I plan on getting thoroughly lost, and having fun while doing so. Stay tuned!

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Lost in the Stars: Episode 2

Episode 2 of Lost in the Stars was broadcast midnight Friday 12 July and can be streamed here. Here's what was played:

Walter Huston - Lost in the Stars (theme)
Attilio Mineo - Around the World (1962)
Hieroglyphic Being - The Electronic Belt (2013)
Samuli Kempi - Astrometric Precision (2013)
Stellar OM Source - Trackers (2013)
Jeff Mills - Unfastened and Floating (2011)
Brian Eno - Weightless (1983)
Closer Musik - 1,2,3 ( No Gravity ) (2000)
Michael Bundt - Galaxy Machine (1982)
Bernard Parmegiani (pictured) - De Natura Sonorum (Parts 1 and 2) (1975)
Iannis Xenakis - Concret Ph (1958)
Ottis Leunig - Moonflight (1968)
Christian Kogel - Invisible Planets (2013)
Herbert Eimert and Robert Beyer - Klang Im Umbregenzium Raum (1952)
Panabrite - Particle Counterpoint (2013)
Tangerine Dream - Sunrise In the Third System (1971)
Zomby - Vast Emptiness (2013)
Felix K - Flowers of Destruction #9 (2013)
Morphosis - Dismantle (2013)
June - Lost Area (DJ Sprinkles Empty Dancefloor Mix) (2013)
Jean Claude Risset - Computer Suite from Little Boy: Fall (1968)
Smith N Hack - Space Warrior (2007)
Danny Wolfers - Loch Ness Martial Arts Lab (2013)
Conrad Schnitzler - Frozen Bubbles (1992)
Ulf Lohmann - Because Before (2001)
James Ruskin - Cast Down (2012)

I'm back midnight next Friday with 'Repetition'.

The James Ruskin closer, from Stroboscopic Artefacts' Stellate 4, is just so beautiful:

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Lost in the Stars: Episode 1

Last Friday's Lost in the Stars can be streamed here, and here's the tracklist:

Motion Sickness of Time Travel - 'Effloresence'
Suzanne Ciani - 'Livixation'
Eduard Artemiev - 'La Mort Des Heros'
Delia Derbyshire - 'The Delian Mode'
Henrik Schwarz - 'Ballet Suite #1'
Sensate Focus - 'X'
Tod Dokstader - 'Snap Sail'
Karlheinz Stockhausen - 'Gesang Der Junglinge'
Boards of Canada - 'Colour of Fire'
Clams Casino -' I'm Official'
Sun Ra - 'I Gotta Get Away'
Toru Takemitsu - 'Ai'
Herbert Eimert - 'Epitaph for Aikiki Kuboyama'
Arthur Russell - 'Tower of Meaning/ Rabbits Ear'
Perturbator - 'Perverted Precinct'
Wolfgang Voigt - 'Ruckverzauberung 6.1'
Christian Marclay - 'Maria Callas'
Oneohtrix Point Never - 'Stone of Spiritual Understanding'
Marquis Hawkes - 'Higher Forces'
Monolake - 'Occam'
Klaus Schultz - 'Synphara' (excerpt)
Soundhack - 'Devil's Run'

Thanks for listening. This Friday 12 July - 'Weightlessness', featuring music by James Ruskin, Jeff Mills and Jean-Claude Risset.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Lost in the Stars

Retro Futurism returns to the airwaves this Friday to present Lost in the Stars: Futurist Electronic Music. Here's the blurb:

Stockhausen and Xenakis on laptops, jamming futurist utopias from Jupiter. Modernist composition meets post-Techno abstraction for a waltz around the geodesic dome.

Lost in the Stars follows developments in experimental electronic music, from the pioneers of the postwar avant-garde, through the advent of consumer devices in the 1970s and 80s to the a-historical digitalia of today.

Broadcast Fridays midnight - 2am Melbourne time on Triple R 102.7.